Community Events, Natural, Disasters, Violence in Our Society

The Common Effect

Peaceful community events may turn into turmoil as a result of accidents and unforeseen circumstances. The recent shootings at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, as well as the concert in Las Vegas, and natural disasters in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, all have one common effect. People separate from their loved ones, get lost, emergency service providers have difficulty determining information about them, and who to contact on their behalf.

Recognizing the need for providing reliable modes of identification for persons exposed to these events, has been established

The Mission of is to offer verifiable modes of information through the use of scan able Quick Response (QR) square codes placed on printed material. These include wristbands, identification cards, and adhesive labels that may be placed on a variety of items carried by a participant.

When the QR code is scanned from a mobile device, information will be displayed about that person, who to contact on their behalf, and special medical or safety alerts. Additionally, a photo image option will be provided.

This information will be available through the use of a mobile device whether the Internet is functioning, or not.

In furtherance of its goals, EmergentHelp-ID cards, wristbands and adhesive labels are now available by enrollment on the website. Members of our communities are encouraged to do so.

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