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Community Events, Natural, Disasters, Violence in Our Society

The Common Effect Peaceful community events may turn into turmoil as a result of accidents and unforeseen circumstances. The recent shootings at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, as well as the concert in Las Vegas, and natural disasters in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, all have one common effect. People separate from […]

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The QR code, when scanned, immediately connects the viewer to a private page on the website which provides the identity of, and emergency contact information for, any individual, including any medical alerts, or safety concerns. Click here to see sample of how this appears. For further information, and participation opportunities, email

Emergent Disaster

PPS Collateral Services, a New Jersey based company, can assist you with such verifiable form of identification; a personalized, specific scannable Quick Response (QR) code appearing on water durable identification cards, or wristbands. The square code images may be scanned from free QR code reader software installed on mobile devices, which most emergency first responders […]

Emergency Help

The most effective way to protect your family from danger is to first be aware of where you are located, and the possibility of harm from such events. In the unfortunate event of a natural disaster, or other emergency, it is best to be prepared with adequate food, water, and shelter. A survival kit with […]

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Contact with friends and family members is also of paramount importance. One way of assuring this is to add a verifiable form of identification to your survival kit that can provide contact information about you or a family member in the event you become separated.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are, unfortunately, a reality. The recent August, 2017 Hurricane Harvey in Texas illustrates what can rapidly occur, and the chaos that ensues. Unstable political regimes also pose a threat. That too, is a reality