Mission Statement

To provide simple, cost effective modes of identification for protection of persons at risk in times of danger.

Persons at Risk

* Minor Children
* Community Residents
* Seniors with Disabilities
* Medically Incapacitated Persons
* Persons Exposed to Natural Disasters

About EmergentHelp.org

EmergentHelp.org, is a subsidiary of PPS Collateral Services, LLC, a private New Jersey business entity, having its principal office at 56 Park Place, Newark, NJ 07102.

EmergentHelp.org was organized for the purposes of providing persons at risk during natural disaster, and other safety related circumstances, with cost effective modes of identity verification and contact information viewable on its secured website.  Access to our secure private website pages is primarily through the scanning of square Quick Response (QR) code images appearing on wristbands or identification cards, as well as other modes of access.

Enrollment by an individual, on behalf of himself or a family member, is voluntary.   Enrollment is highly recommended for persons exposed to hazard or safety concerns in times of natural disasters or other circumstances, during which contact information to a designated person and health or safetyinformation about an individual are vital.  Enrollment on the EmergentHelp.org site must comply with the Terms & Conditions.

Persons who enroll will be assigned a secured private page on EmergentHelp.org.  Any image or information appearing on the page would have been previously authorized by the enrollee pursuant to the Enrollment Agreement.   The images and information appearing on the private page are protected to prevent copying or printing by a viewer.

Upon enrollment and payment of applicable fee, the individual will be provided an EmergentHelp.org private web page with photo image, permitted contact and special alert information; printable online EmergentHelp-ID card image sheet; Digital Polyester EmergentHelp-ID card with photo and QR Code square image; EmergentHelp SCAN TO HELP ME wristband

All wristbands and identification cards are the property of EmergentHelp.org, and shall be returned upon expiration or termination of enrollment period.